All the members of Amber Standard have a right to issue authenticity labels for their products. It is the best protection for the ultimate customer against forgeries and substitutes of amber. During the last years we have issued authenticity tags or certificates in various formats, but no matter the design they all have input field for Amber Standard code. If you own a product with one of the following printed labels, try checking authenticity using the code printed or handwritten on the paper.

baltic amber certificates labels  amber authenticity tags certificates labels  amber authenticity tag label by amber standard


Members of Amber Standard supply amber jewelry made only of genuine Baltic amber. In order to double-check the adherence to moral and professional standards we review products sold by the retailers. The customer needs only to input AS code, provide pictures and based on our internal information we can track not only the retailer, but the manufacturer of the product as well. So with the original Amber Standard certificate which has valid AS code the consumer is always safe!